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The Golden Paddy Recommendation Engine (GPRE) has been developed as part of Smart Agriculture Myanmar project (SAM) which is funded by G4AW facility of the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs.

GPRE uses information on weather, location, crop type and sowing date for providing effective, time- and location- and crop stage specific advisory services to smallholder farmers in Myanmar. It is aimed at improving agricultural productivity and farmer income and at improving the management of weather related emergencies. Currently GPRE provides several services for Myanmar:
  • Weather related services aimed at understanding current and forecasted weather conditions.

  • Disease related services (rice only) for understanding impact of disease pressure on rice cultivation

  • Prediction of crop stages based on location, weather and sowing date.

The Golden Paddy Recommendation Engine has been developed by Wageningen Environmental Research (WENR) together with with ImpactTerra. Embedding of results and visualization in an interface has been implemented by Satelligence.


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